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Part 4:
Rukia woke up in what seemed to be the middle of the night, she checked the clock 1:53 am. She just looked down, smiled and put a hand over her stomach and pressed it there to feel her baby daughter kicking. Rukia sighed "Oh I can't wait to see you Masaki" she said as she was rubbing her stomach gently, trying to calm the baby down. She suddenly felt a bigger hand on hers, it was Ichigo's. "Rukia is it time" he asked sleepy, Rukia sighed "No she just woke me up kicking" she grabbed his hand and pressed on her stomach, he smiled knowing his baby was going to born any day now. It reminded her of the first time her baby kicked.
Rukia was sleeping soundly, until she felt a wired feeling her stomach. She tried to ignore it and tried to fall back asleep, but it keeps happening. It felt like something was hitting her on the inside, then it clicked. She placed a hand on her stomach, and tears ran down her face and she smiled. I was true, her baby was kicking. She looked over at Ichigo sleeping, she felt guilty he deserved to feel this. But at the same time he wasn't feeling well at all and had been sleeping all day. So instead she grabbed his hand and pressed on her stomach were the baby was kicking. He didn't wake but she could see there was a smile tugging on his lips. She closed her eyes, and then she felt Ichigo pull her closer to him. She smiled up at her husband and replaced his hand on her stomach, she could feel it anyways. She fell back asleep in Ichigo's arms and his hand was still on were the baby's foot that was kicking her. He started to rub her stomach gently, and she smiled as well.

"Ichigo I don't know if I'm ready, I mean I'm due any day and I don't know…." He cut her off "Rukia" he placed his hand on her stomach "of course you are, you're a great women, the best wife a man could ask for, and I know that your strong and you will be the best mother to Masaki" he said as he rubbed her stomach. Rukia wiped the tears from her eyes "thank you Ichigo, thank you and you'll be the best father there is". They kissed both having a hand on her stomach, and then Rukia grabbed her stomach and grunted in pain. "Rukia what's wrong" he asked nervously. "Ichigo I think…" her water broke at that seconded "its time" she grunted in pain again." It's ok I'll get my dad" "WHAT" she screamed "I KNOW RUKIA I KNOW JUST STAY HERE" Ichigo said kissing her forehead.
Ichigo ran down the hallway to get his dad he started pounding on the door "DAD!!! DAD!!! RUKIAS IN LABOR OPEN UP, COME OPE-" he was cut off by a door slamming him in the face, and him being ran over  and Isshin running down hall. "DAD WAIT" Ichigo ran down the hall to catch up with his dad. Isshin was crying as always. Ichigo punched him the face "Dad my kid is coming and all you can do is cry, get a hold of yourself and help Rukia" he said sternly just like he said when he grabbed Rukia when he proposed. "Ok get Rukia downstairs in clinic, and I'll get the video camera, and met you there" Isshin said. Ichigo said and carried Rukia bridal style. Yuzu and Karin ran in "What's going on is it time" Karin asked "Yup" Ichigo said.
He carried Rukia downstairs and put her on a hospital bed. She was groaning and crying pain, he hated seeing the woman he loved so much like that. He rubbed her back and kissed her temple, it's ok Rukia imagine in a little while we'll be able to hold Masaki and feed her and play with her and everything." Rukia looked up and smiled through tears running down her face she grabbed Ichigo's face softly and kissed him, he places a hand on her shoulder and kissed her back. Rukia felt another contraction and grabbed her stomach in pain and little out a small cry. He rubbed her arm and Isshin came in with Yuzu and Karin. Isshin checked her and said "ok Rukia you can start pushing now". Rukia's face because stiff Ichigo comforted her. "Ok 1, 2, 3 PUSH" Rukia screamed and pushed crushing Ichigo's hand, he didn't mind because he just wanted to comfort his wife and see his baby. "You're doing great Rukia ok PUSH" Rukia screamed again. "I can see the head Rukia" Ichigo smiled here his dad say that "PUSH" Rukia cried this time "Rukia 1 more push and this baby is born" Rukia panted "Ichigo it hurts to much, please" she said. "Rukia think we'll see our baby that we wanted to see for 9 months you can do it ok" he kissed her temple again. "Ok Rukia just push really hard" Rukia gulped "PUSH" Rukia pushed and let out an earsplitting scream, and they heard a cry. "It's a little girl and SHES SO BEAUTIFUL AHHHHHHH" Ichigo gave Isshin the look and he straighten up. "Ichigo would you like to cut the cord" he looked back at Rukia smiled through her tears. Ichigo walked up to his crying baby daughter and cut the cord. Isshin took her to clean her. Ichigo walked back to Rukia and kissed her "We did it Rukia Masaki's her" They shared a passionate kiss until Isshin walked up with a little bundle in pink blanket. He handed her to Ichigo and Ichigo looked at her. "Ichigo may I see my baby now" she said crying form joy not pain. Ichigo handed Rukia the little girl and looked at her. She had Ichigo's orange hair, and Rukia's violet eyes. She cuddled her closer and cried. "Ichigo Rukia and the baby need there rest" Isshin said. "Ok" he said looking at Rukia's exhausted eyes. "I love you Masaki" he rubbed the baby's hair and left. As soon as the door was closed Isshin ran to his wife's poster and cried "AHHHHHHHHHHHH MASAKI OUR GRANDAUGHTER IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND SHES NAMED AFTER YOU" Ichigo smacked his face. "So how's it feel to be a father" Karin asked "Amazing Karin this is one of the best days of my life" Ichigo said "Ok well were going back to bed we'll see her tomorrow". When they were gone Ichigo walked back in. Rukia was breastfeeding her baby and stroking her hair with her thumb "I love you Masaki" she look at her with loving eyes. Ichigo smiled and walked up to her. "Ichigo she's so sweet" Rukia told him "I bet she is" "ohh I'm a mother" she said with a tear falling from her eye. "I'm a father" he said his voice breaking and wiping his tears. He sat down next to Rukia. "Ichigo I want to sleep upstairs to night" she said "Ok". Once Rukia was done he helped walk her up and they went in bed and placed Masaki in the middle. They quickly fell asleep. About an hour later Ichigo heard a Whimpering, he looked over and saw Masaki whimpering and shivering, she wasn't awake yet but was about to be. He saw how cold and miserable is baby girl was and his heart sank he sat up, took her so carefully and cuddled her in his arms."Masaki its ok Daddies here" She was shivering he cuddled her tighter and rocked her. She stopped shivering and Whimpering and fell asleep in his arms. He smiled he help his baby. He just saw how much this tiny baby needed him, and he had her and his wife to protect forever. He saw Rukia smiling in her sleep; he lie down and let Masaki rest on his chest while her head was on his shoulder. He rubbed her back and hair "I love you" and kissed her. He pulled Rukia Closer to him.  He fell asleep with his baby here to protect for years to come.
part 4 ichiruki baby :D

part 5:[link]

also an entry for the #IchiRuki-Club ichiruki baby contest, I really think if they have a little girl they should name her masaki

Bleach belongs to tite kubo
and Masaki belongs to me
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KUCHIKI96 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Awww... so sweet, they named her Masaki, just as Ichigo´s mother :love:
Kataang102 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
yes of course they did and they love her so much
KUCHIKI96 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
i can see that :love:
KUCHIKI96 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
AWW so sweet, they named her Masaki just as ichigo´s mother :squee:
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